Religious Schools Minefield Redux

6 Sep

Hate to say I told you so.

This is not a headline that John Tory’s Ontario Progressive Conservatives wanted to see anytime during the election-campaign-that-hasn’t-quite-officially-started-yet.

And following that minefield misstep, a round of sniper fire, some of it coming from Tory’s own side.

UPDATE: Sue Kelley says the Liberals might have rescued John Tory from further explosions over the coming days. If so, and if it was by design, it might have been a growing recognition that neither side can last very long in this particular field without setting off another mine. For example, there’s only so many times the Premier can successfully deflect questions about his and his family’s own educations in fully-funded faith-based schools.

Or the rescue might have been a boneheaded strategic error.

The election starts on Monday, by the way…


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