The Betting Elector – take 2

12 Sep

Further to this post…

If you are looking to handicap the Ontario election, my colleague Mike Miner points out – in his great new blog – two sites to help you make the right wager: Hill & Knowlton’s Ontario Election Predictor and the Election Prediction Project, which takes a wiki approach to predicting riding-by-riding results, and has a better track record than many pollsters in prognosticating final seat counts.

Another site with a good track record in past elections is the University of British Columbia’s Election Stock Market, where users invest actual money in their predictions. They don’t seem to have opened a market for the current Ontario election, but the site does offer an Election Forecaster for the provincial campaign.

Finally, if you wish to place a real-life bet on the election results – an activity that echenblog in no way endorses – you can do so here. And you can also bet on the results of the next federal election here.

But this blog in no way endorses betting on election results. Did I mention that already?


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