Weekend Tune: Ramones

15 Sep

The late great Joey Ramone and the great late Johnny Ramone were the only two original members of the Ramones to remain with the band throughout their entire 22-year history.

On stage and on record, they made music history. But offstage, by all accounts, they couldn’t stand each other and barely spoke.

Their professional relationship later served as the model for Jean Chrétien’s and Paul Martin’s.

In the 2004 documentary Ramones Raw – largely culled from hundreds of hours of home-video footage by the band’s longtime drummer, Marky Ramone, shot over many years – there’s not a single moment where Johnny and Joey talk to each other, smile at each other or even look at each other.

Joey Ramone died in 2001 and Johnny Ramone died three years ago today.

Here’s a 1981 performance of “The KKK Took My Baby Away”, a two-minute masterpiece that Joey allegedly wrote about Johnny, who not only stole and married Joey’s ex-girlfriend, but also happened to be one of a rare breed: a punk rock Republican.


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