Programming Note: Bernard Shapiro

21 Sep

To the casual follower of Canadian politics, Bernard Shapiro is best known for his recent tenure as federal ethics commissioner – a tenure not without its share of controversy.

But Shapiro is also one of the foremost Canadian scholars in the field of education. He’s had a distinguished career in academics (director of the Ontario Institute for the Study of Education, principal of McGill University, among other CV highlights) and government (Ontario deputy minister of education, and other portfolios).

He was also the guy who wrote a Royal Commission Report on private schools for the government of Ontario a couple of decades back. His recommendations were ignored then, but they are still relevant to the current education funding debate in the province.

I have produced a televised feature discussion between Shapiro and Steve Paikin, which deals with that report. It will air tonight at 8 p.m. on TVOntario, and will be available for viewing, listening to, and/or downloading on TVO’s website early next week. The interview will be followed up by a candidates’ roundtable discussion on a number of campaign issues. Tune in, if the topic is of interest.

More info on my show’s blog here.



UPDATE: You can now watch the Bernard Shapiro interview, listen to an audio version, or download a podcast here.


One Response to “Programming Note: Bernard Shapiro”

  1. kyran kennedy September 22, 2007 at 5:14 pm #

    a balanced and informative show. Thank you. Please email me the correct web address to use to access this show when it is available next week Kyran Kennedy

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