Grits: Paranoia strikes deep…

5 Oct

A sign of the chaotic state of the Liberal Party of Canada these days may be a heightened receptiveness to unfounded rumors.

Yesterday, Liberal BlackBerrys all over Parliament Hill buzzed with an email originating from a senior party member stating  former cabinet minister Joe Volpe was about to cross the floor to the Conservatives.

The rumor probably grew out of news this week that Volpe supported the faith-based school funding policy of Ontario Progressive Conservative leader John Tory. But to suggest he would go from that to jumping ship to Stephen Harper’s federal Conservatives raises a few obvious questions:

Why would Volpe do this after Tory backed down on his proposal?

Why would Volpe cross the floor of the House of Commons over a provincial issue?

Volpe is the longtime MP for one of the safest Liberal seats in the country – why would he want to commit political suicide?

Shortly after the first email, a second one buzzed into Blackberrys across the Hill – this one from the Liberal Whip’s office. It read:

I have just spoken with Joe.  The suggestion that he would be anything but a Liberal is absolute fabrication. Hope this puts the issue to rest. 

And everyone went back to waiting for the next crisis…


One Response to “Grits: Paranoia strikes deep…”

  1. Jacques October 5, 2007 at 2:47 pm #

    Mike Colle, the Liberal MPP for the riding, was pissed off by Volpe’s stance. Apparently he was PERSONALLY calling Toronto Liberal MPs offices and passing this off as ‘something he heard from a credible source’. After the whip and others stepped in, he spent a good deal of energy denying it all happened. Mike, people know your voice and in 2007, many can read their call display.

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