Trivia Moose

2 Nov

Nasty partisanship is de rigueur here in Ottawa, especially in an extended era of minority governments, when everyone’s always feeling a bit… well… election-ready

With that in mind, I am happy to report my small role in bringing the powerful together in a spirit of bi-partisan co-operation.

That oasis of political harmony? My team for tonight’s World Trivia Night competition, a terrific annual charity shindig (“Canada’s largest live trivia event”) benefiting the Champions for Children Foundation (Donate here).

We’ve got high-level officials from both the Liberal and Conservative parties on our ten-person squad. They will be putting politics aside and working together to remember little-known movie quotes and rare moments of Canadian Football League history. This is the kind of co-operation voters were looking for when they elected a minority Parliament.

Mostly, our team is made up of journalists. But most importantly, it includes a ringer named Moose (not his real name, but that’s how I was introduced to him). Moose works in the education field, and although his educational specialty is not obscure trivia, it may as well be.

Two years ago, he knew the answers to so many questions that our newly formed crew managed to beat dozens of others to end the evening in a dead heat for first place with a veteran team.

Here was the tie-breaking question:

What is the area of Canada, to the nearest square kilometer?

You guessed it: Moose knew. I have a World Trivia Night 2005 trophy in my living room to prove it.

Last year, Moose selfishly decided to become a new dad just a couple of weeks before the event. He was sleep-deprived and off his game. We finished in a ten-way tie for thirteenth place.

He promises to be well-rested tonight. And I promise to update this blog after the competition with (I hope) news of our return to glory.

Meanwhile, if you are a wannabe trivia geek, check out the World Trivia Night “music marathon treasure hunt clip”: little bits of 26 different songs. Last week, teams were asked to submit the names of each of them. As it says on the website:

“Some of these tracks are, frankly, evil”

See how well you can do. If you want, submit your guesses below and I will try to let you know how many you got right.

UPDATE: So… we won. Another tiebreaker with the same opponents as in 2005. The tie-breaking question? “What was the exact date, hour and minute of the day that Martin Luther King was declared dead?” The trick to answering correctly was to not only remember an old U2 song from the ’80s, but to also realize that Bono doesn’t necessarily get all his historical facts straight in that song…


One Response to “Trivia Moose”

  1. Bambi Blue August 27, 2008 at 11:55 am #


    I realize this is a super old post… but I was wondering if you knew anywhere that still hosted the trivia music marathon files of yore (oh, 2004,2005…) anymore. I can’t seem to find my old copies.

    I need to be reminded of the evil, heh.

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