Australian Rules Politics

24 Nov

The Liberal Party of Canada seemed particularly pleased about the defeat of the Liberal Party of Australia in today’s federal election down under. In a press release, Canadian Liberal leader Stéphane Dion hailed the victory of Kevin Rudd’s Labour Party as evidence that:

“Australians have embraced a progressive program of economic competitiveness, tax reduction, enhanced health care, and environmental sustainability”

Hmmm… sounds a lot like Dion’s three “peelars“, with an extra one thrown in.

But what most pleased Dion was probably the timing of the victory, coming as it did on the same day that Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper stood alone among all Commonwealth leaders in blocking a proposed action plan on climate change that called for binding targets on greenhouse gas reductions.

Actually, Canada only stood alone after the Australian election victory. Outgoing Australian PM John Howard was on the same side as Harper on climate change, but Rudd is not. That fact was duly noted lower down in Dion’s press release:

We join all those Canadians who, in their determination to restore Canada’s leadership in the global fight against climate change, will today celebrate Mr. Rudd’s victory, and Australia’s renewed commitment to environmental protection.

No doubt Dion has also been reading this blog and noticed my entry of a few months back, highlighting the headlines Harper got in Australia for his “unsubtle intervention” in partisan Australian politics in support of Howard.

For his part, Harper told reporters at the Commonwealth summit that he would be contacting Rudd to offer “congratulations on his victory.” Probably not as effusively as Dion.


2 Responses to “Australian Rules Politics”

  1. Matthew See June 24, 2012 at 9:03 pm #

    It really does not make sense why the Canadian Liberals would hailed the defeat of their Australian counterparts. After all they are all Liberals.


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