Teamicide Revisited

30 Sep

Yesterday marked the fourth anniversary of the final Montreal Expos’ home game at the Olympic Stadium. That means today marks the first anniversary of this blog posting of mine, which remains the most-read posting on this entire blog, and – if wordpress stats are accurate – continues to be viewed regularly one year later.

My feelings about the Expos’ move to Washington, and about Major League Baseball in general, remain unchanged. Apparently, there is some sort of baseball post-season about to begin, I hear. Haven’t watched a single MLB game all year.

My schadenfreude regarding the Washington Nationals also remains unchanged, and I took pleasure when a quick glance at the final standings this morning showed the Gnats finished the season as the worst team in the major leagues, with more than 100 losses. Even their shiny new stadium – funded with the hard-earned tax dollars of D.C. residents, so their local politicians could help MLB kill off the ‘Spos and resurrect the corpse in the U.S. capital – failed to attract fans in its opening year.

Recently, I saw the largely improvised 1995 movie Blue in the Face, which features a star-studded cast, including Harvey Keitel, Roseanne Barr, Michael J. Fox, Madonna and Lou Reed.

Reed’s scenes consist of broken-up excerpts of an interview, where he sits in a Brooklyn cigar shop, smoking a stogie and riffing on a wide variety of New York-based topics with an off-camera questioner. In one of those excerpts, he talks about the Brooklyn Dodgers. His take on the Dodgers sums up mine on the Expos. You can see it at about the 3:45 point of the clip below (transcript underneath the video window):

LOU REED: “I couldn’t have been unhappier in the eight years I spent growing up in Brooklyn. But I say that not having realized what it would then be like being on Long Island, which was infinitely worse. And if there was probably a childhood trauma that I had other than the Dodgers leaving Brooklyn, which if you think about it is a reason why some of us are imbued with a cynicism that we never recovered from. Obviously you’re not a Mets fan, and you can’t possibly be a Yankees fan, so baseball’s eliminated from your life because of being born in Brooklyn.”

OFF-CAMERA INTERVIEWER: “You cared about the Dodgers as a kid?

LOU REED: “Very much. I don’t know why. I don’t like baseball. Of course, maybe I don’t like baseball because the Dodgers aren’t here anymore.”

– from Blue in the Face, 1995


3 Responses to “Teamicide Revisited”

  1. eyebleaf September 30, 2008 at 10:35 pm #

    Alan, not one single game ALL year? Come, join us Blue Jays fans. Live through us, with us. We could always use more passionate fans.

    Baseball misses you. Baseball needs you.

    Come home, Alan. Come home…

  2. Alan Echenberg October 2, 2008 at 8:34 pm #

    eyebleaf, eyebleaf…

    So young… so naive…

    To paraphrase Ayatollah Khomeni, cheering for the Blue Jays would be like taking poison.

    Only thing worse: Cheering for the Maple Leafs


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